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2005-03-31 - 9:37 a.m.



Recently, a lady found a finger in her Chili at Wendy's. Puts a whole new spin on the term 'finger food', doesn't it? I saw the interview on Good Morning America. The poor lady still has a shocked look on her face. After the interview the news anchor reported Wendy's sales have been down in that region.

DUH!! Ya think?!

Recently there was a movie on TV about kids in Florida on spring break, on the beach, getting attacked by sharks. I didn't watch the movie, thank God. Definitely not my type of entertainment. Ironically, life began to imitate art. There are large schools of shark moving north along the beaches. Beaches are being closed and spring breakers are being forced out of the water, for their own safety of course. The morning show interviewed a shark behaviorist.

tv lady (with her perfect 'weather channel girl' hair): What type of precautions are the beach officials taking?

Expert: The best thing is if you see a dorsal fin, stay out of water.

DUH!! Ya think?!

I have a very bad habit of Googling a word then clicking the 'Images' link. It only made sense for me to Google the words 'florida' and 'shark'. Note to self: You must ALWAYS wear your glasses when looking at thumbnail pictures. I thought those were manatees! I like this picture because if you look close you can see people in the water.

I would like to see the sharks, since there are hundreds of them, do something silly, like spell out the word GOTCHA!, ,,, or something like that. Supposedly these aren't man-eating shark. Ohhhh, so that means it's okay to get in the water.

DUH!! Ya think!?

Apparently the E! channel is going to re-enact the Jackson trial every day using look-alike actors and trial transcripts. And you can watch this crap from the privacy of your living room.
Really, who gives a shit?? Not me.

B is smart to not have TV. Sometimes I'm tempted to do the same thing.

However, B might want a tv when the Lingerie Bowl starts.

An alternative to the half time show.
I wanna play too. *insert whiny tone*

And then I want to see the made-for-females version of the lingerie bowl with men, and the added capability of virtual pinching complete with a loud 'OUCH'.

Practicing my pinch and twist,

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